Indoctrination in Your State & District

CRT, LGBQT+ and Intrusive Surveys in UHS

Unionville-Chadds Ford School District, Pennsylvania

Submitted: 2022-05-17


Several weeks ago, My child’s English class began a "persuasive writing" lesson plan, which included the study of literary works by such Civil War-era authors as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs. The focus began on the study of slavery during the Civil War period, which I am not opposed to. As the lesson plan progressed, it became obvious that the English teacher was beginning to introduce modern-day, politically "charged" topics and narratives to the events and readings from 160 years prior.

In late March, as part of the lesson plan, the English teacher had the class focus on several modern-day, "charged", and controversial topics for purposes of a class discussion and/or writing a "persuasive piece". Some of those topics are: "Are African Americans still oppressed?", "Should gun control laws be enacted in the United States?", "Is refusing to stand for the National Anthem an appropriate form of protest?", "Do women have equal rights?", "What are the solutions to illegal immigration in America?" and "How should the sports include transgender athletes?". Though my wife and I thought that these topics were concerning and had no relevance to the topic of slavery in the Civil War, we elected to continue monitoring the lesson plan to see where it was going. That is when my child came home from school one recent evening with an assignment that was titled “Implicit Association Test (IAT) test prep”, which had him focus on “what does implicit mean?”, “how would an implicit bias develop?”, “why is it helpful to know about your implicit biases?” and “is there a way to “fix” an implicit bias?”.

You may/may not be familiar with the IAT, but in brief, it is a controversial test that is designed to detect prejudices that lie beneath one's awareness. So, the bottom line is that this IAT test is being required by his English teacher to measure a potential racial bias. My wife and I both opted my child out from taking the test and we have contacted the UHS Curriculum Director, requesting that he furnish us with the PA State curriculum requirements to help us understand how this relates to the requirements and the Civil War slavery subject matter. He sent us a general Course Curriculum Guide” from the UHS website and a link to the PA State requirements. None of this was listed. To that end, The IAT also has an age requirement of 18, which he is not but the teacher still expected the class to take it.

The school district is secretive and decisive. They are definitely pushing CRT and LGBTQ on our children without our consent or knowledge.