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Rainbow Club reads Kindergarteners Book Full of Sexual References

Pittsford Central School District, New York

Submitted: 2022-05-11


A small group of radical parents created a Rainbow Club for grades K-5, where they read books that included topics such as pronouns, transgender children, and exposure to LGBTIA+ vocabulary.
Included in the books is Gay B Cs. This is a book marketed for children ages 4-8 that has vocabulary such as B for Bi and T for Trans. Even more concerning are the pictures which are full of slang sexual references. You will find the whole list of books in an attached document as well as a breakdown of the sexual references we discovered via simple google searches and urban dictionary. It is highly distressing to imagine parents reading this book to kids pointing out pictures like a pillow fight (lesbian sex between non-lesbian women), a group of kids brushing their teeth (masturbation), or playing on a teeter totter (a sex position with 3 people). A couple references could be seen as a coincidence but the pages are full of such references and the pictures are incongruent with the ABC terms on the page unless viewed through the sexual context. Other books from Rainbow Club include a focus on Transgender children and pronouns.
The After School Club was put on pause but ultimately approved to continue. The same facilitators who chose this book will continue to choose content, lead the club, and field questions and discussions from students.
Many parents are naive to material being pushed on their children through these activist parents groups into schools and libraries. Unfortunately when parents try to bring it up they are targeted and bullied.

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