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Critical Race Theory taught in schools with Bias Incident Report System

Acalanes Union High School District, California

Submitted: 2021-12-11


Local schools endorse Critical Race Theory (CRT) and teach its beliefs under Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI or DEIB). As a dualistic, Marxist ideology, CRT divides people into the oppressors, White people, and the oppressed: everyone else, designated as People of Color (PoC). Formulated in the US, DEI merges CRT with identity movements though Intersectionality (see a diagram). Equity is redefined as equality of outcome: “Kamala Harris explores difference between Equality and Equity” (2020). Per Delgado’s Introduction to CRT, “critical race theory … not only tries to … ascertain how society organizes itself along racial lines and hierarchies, but to transform it ...” Review Delgado’s insightful pro‐CRT summary via the Jordan Institute for Families’ website.

The Acalanes School District’s AUHSD Bias Incident Reporting System (BIRS) enforces DEI‐CRT. An incident can be reported anonymously for “acts of racism, bias, sexism, microaggressions, etc.” “Bias Incident Teams” recommend “appropriate actions that are both preventative and responsive … and keep records of incidences …” Sexism is undefined. A bias is an “inclination or preference.” Racism and Microaggressions are defined as perceived acts against members of a “marginalized group,” or only against PoC, and include microinsults, and microinvalidations. Only non‐Latino Whites are designated as oppressors.

From Campo’s definitions: “Structural Racism in the U.S. … routinely advantage(s) whites while producing cumulative and chronic adverse outcomes for people of color. It is a system of hierarchy and inequity, primarily characterized by white supremacy – the preferential treatment, privilege and power for white people at the expense of Black, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Arab and other racially oppressed people.” Racism’s “ideologies have been ingrained in our society, surrounding citizens on all sides.”

Stanley Middle School’s Racial Equity Seminar covers “teaching our children about how to be ‘color conscious’ rather than ‘color blind’ … to deepen our own personal knowledge about race …,” which surprisingly is “a made‐up social construct, and not an actual biological fact.” The February 24 meeting will discuss, “Defining aspects of whiteness. What is whiteness—white privilege—white fragility—white culture & consciousness?”
Campo Principal’s DEI summary:
Links: 10-27 ltr: response: CRT: Campo terms: BIRS & terms: Stanley: Intersectionality: Equity video: Campo DEI Courses taught:

Are you an Oppressor or an Oppressed? “[People of color] are expected to educate white people as to our humanity. Women are expected to educate men. Lesbians and gay men are expected to educate the heterosexual world. The oppressors maintain their position and evade their responsibility for their own actions. Audre Lorde,”