Indoctrination in Your State & District

Bias Research Class at Johns Creek High School

Fulton County School District, Georgia

Submitted: 2021-12-07


The school librarian went to each class at JCHS to discuss how to do unbias research. The problem was the main handout was bias. After explaining the handout, the librarian gave an example for the class to use....she asked them to research Black Lives Matter using the handout.
Here is a portion of what I wrote to the librarian and principle.
"For example, your slide 6 (attached) is a misleading and bias graphic!!! It discourages kids to not utilize certain, very popular media sources like the NY Post (4th largest paper in USA), Fox News TV (#1 most watched news) and AON. This is completely an opinion based graphic on a person's political view of what is factual and reliable. Discouraging kids to research these sources is a liberal agenda. In what world do you live in that CNN is a neutral and reliable source of information?
The other upsetting item was how you used BLM as your example and how certain sources were "more reliable". This indoctrination of my child with your political agenda is completely inappropriate. Of all the topics to use as your example, it is completely inappropriately to use this hate group in your demo."

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