Indoctrination in Your State & District

School Survey disguised as a demographic survey asks disturbing questions

Dexter Community School District, Michigan

Submitted: 2021-11-23


Dexter High School has a student club called the Social Justice Club. It is run by a teacher at Dexter Highschool and the students themselves. It has apparently been allowed to survey all students at the highschool without telling parents about the survey. Students had the choice of opting out of it, but parents did not get notice that it was being distributed or an option to opt out their student. The title was "School Demographic Survey" but the questions were so controversial. The first question on the survey was designed to trick students to get them to read further "Do you like sweet or savory foods"? (this was a google form survey). But then, it starting asking questions like "Are you Republican, Democrat, or Independent?" and THEN "At what stage is a FETUS a living thing?", "How many more blacks are in jail compared to whites?", "How many women are killed by their partners?", "What is the definition of Xenophobia?", "What % of Gay or Trans people are discriminated against in the workplace?". The Club is run by a teacher who also teachers the class "Bearing Witness". What do we do about this? How do we stop them from surveying our kids? I've instructed my child NEVER to fill out surveys at school under any circumstances. I have heard that these surveys are being used to push agendas and indoctrination.