Indoctrination in Your State & District

Athletes As Leaders “oppression chart” shows women as inherently disadvantaged, men advantaged


Submitted: 2021-11-07


This blog post by Equality for Boys and Men lays out how the Athletes as Leaders program is embedded with ideology, gender bias, prejudice, and unequal regard for women and men:

This program is used with high school girls sports teams at certain public high schools around Washington State (and, in fact, around the country, but Equality for Boys and Men focuses is on Washington State).

The full Athletes as Leaders curriculum can be downloaded here: You'll find the "Oppression Chart" under Session 3, and I have attached it to this submission as well.

I have contacted athletic directors at many high schools around the state to basically inquire, 'Are any coaches at your school currently implementing, have recently implemented, or will soon implement Athletes as Leaders with their student-athletes' School districts with high schools where staff responded 'Yes' include Bellevue School District, Spokane School District, and especially Seattle Public Schools, where most of the high schools responded 'Yes'.


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\"Oppression Chart\" in Athletes as Leaders program