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my model school


Submitted: 2021-11-02


My Model School
I wanted my children to attend a model school, a school that would deliver a challenging education, world-class core academics, grounded within reality, fact, and truth. I sought an institution that was transparent and inviting to substantive parental involvement.
Alas, I must accept that my model school is none of the above, but rather an institution that all too easily embraces delusion, fiction, lies, and secrecy, while exercising unchallengeable authorities. History/law are misrepresented, ignoring or bifurcating constitutional text. Children fall behind in basic mathematical competencies while attending daily instruction in dance, drama, and chorus. Physical education is delivered bare minimum as hours are spent sitting on their behinds viewing YouTube. Very young children roleplay racists or the opposite sex. Social and Emotional Learning is a ruse through which to coach children regarding transgender pronouns and separate children from the values and mores of their parents. How does this do anything but produce young people ill informed, estranged from family, confused, self loathing, overweight, and effeminized?
Each new year brings new positions and self-adoring titles as the bureaucracy that is my model school grows. With this growth comes the loss of accountability and the increase of distance between my model bureaucracy and the parents it exists to serve. Decisions regarding the health, safety, and well-being of our children are made behind closed doors absent any consultation with parents. These decisions lack critical thinking or cost-benefit analysis. They stand as a stark exercise of fear and authoritarianism. Bureaucracies are empowered and bureaucrats emboldened when we as parents cede our righteous authorities, warm to apathy, meekly surrendering our responsibilities as parents and eschewing owed accountability to our children.
The organization of parents is oblivious to their own irrelevance regarding their children's education, busying themselves with cupcakes and pizza parties toward celebrating the imagined greatness of my model school. Parents have no voice at my model school and this position of serfdom they accept without shame. It is the absence of shame among all parties, administrators, educators, and parents that is our shame. Instead, we are all comforted by legendary status living within our collective mind.
I find myself longing for the rebirth of teachers wedded to reality, fact, and truth. Little use do I have for those who would call themselves educators, about whom a haughty, unearned arrogance hovers. Convinced that theirs is of a higher calling; to bestow upon and within the minds and souls of children their personal views of morality, social order, and justice. Too often administrators are little more than bureaucratic carnies peddling empty slogans while exhorting parents to invest their energies mindlessly fundraising. Best that drones drone, leaving concerns such as curriculum and course content to their better educators. Where is the school administrator who might actually covet parental involvement? Where are parents demanding to be heard, demanding transparency, meaningful involvement and accountability?
So let this be a word of caution for those seeking a model school. Look hard, dig deep and beware. Be neither trusting nor complacent while being sold the promises of a world-class education. Should you be a parent within a model school, be not distracted but rather immerse yourself within your child's education; ask what educators seek to model, who is teaching what, how and why is this being taught? Demand educators be teachers and administrators be forthright, transparent, responsive, and accountable. Finally, demand teachers and administrators acknowledge their lack of autonomy, that parental authority trumps the limited custody we grant them and that their positions exist to serve parents as we exist to best serve our children.

Model School exists as an independent school on the grounds of Eastern Kentucky University. 2/3 funding comes directly from the taxpayers and all education staff are to my knowledge state employees. Most recently (today) their school library provides books encouraging transgenderism, targeting all ages but focusing largely on grades k-3. I will ask you as i asked them, if our schools are not grounded by truth, fact and reality, then what are they. how will promoting confusion on the part of children and supporting the delusion of parents help our children to become emotionally healthy, productive and relevant citizens of the future?