Indoctrination in Your State & District

Racism/LGBTQ Training

Floyd County School District, Georgia

Submitted: 2021-10-06


On May 4th 2021 my then 8th grade daughter informed me a local organization came into all the high school history classes to discuss racism and LGBTQ issues. They had students form a circle with their desks, noting this was a “safe space” and proceeded to ask students, most of them minors, to admit if they considered themselves part of the LGBTQ community. The group spoke of racism, utilizing no formal training, they discussed their personal experiences or pulled from books they had read. George Floyd was addressed in detail, as well as the failures of law enforcement officers to properly handle this specific situation, in part, because of Floyd’s skin color. The students were asked to admit if they or someone in their family has ever partaken in raciest activity. When I asked the principal why parents were not notified in advance of this training, I was only offered that “perhaps if parents did a better job raising their children, they would not need to have these types of trainings.”