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Social Studies 5th Grade Workbook and ELA reading passage

Fulton County School District, Georgia

Submitted: 2021-09-23


The week of September 13-17, 2021 my son was studying for his Social Studies test out of the 5th Grade Social studies workbook - Gallopade /Carole Marsh 2020 manufactured date. I happen to notice on page 65 in Chapter 10 there is a political cartoon that is very inappropriate for 10 year olds. There is no explanation of the cartoon but yet it has analytical questions for the children to answer. The cartoon is a political satire. I will attach a photo. I sent an email to Dr Looney, Katie Reeves and Cc’d Dr Cheatham. I am happy to share any correspondence with you that I had with downtown. Mr Jones ended up following up with me.

The second issue we had last week was a politically charged passage my son was required to read and answer questions about during a reading assessment. It was a random passage in a reading assessment. He was in ELA NOT Social Studies. I will attach a photo. I took a screenshot from his computer when he showed me the passage and I put posted it on the NLT Ga and Fulton FB pages and Fulton School Parent Alliance FB page . A woman verbally attacked on the NLT FB page. The next day the AP (Mr Johnson) from Crabapple Crossing ES) called me to say my son was reported for breaking honor code. I gave him an earful about the matter. Someone reported my posting to the school is my guess. I was not happy !!

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