Indoctrination in Your State & District

More Evidence of Racist Indoctrination in Denver Public Schools

Denver County School District 1, Colorado

Submitted: 2021-09-03


This is a continuation of the documents received through our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request. We have a lot of documents and the implementation of CRT based indoctrination appears to be ubiquitous throughout the DPS district. We will continue to make uploads on a regular basis. I have highlighted sections that appear to be based on CRT. Now is the time to speak out. Parents, these are your children and your taxpayer dollars are used to fund these schools. Please share this information with parents - there is safety in numbers - and talk with your teachers, principals, the superintendent, and the school board.

Supporting Documents:

Support 1:

DPS is requiring training on white privilege for many employees.


Support 2:

Educators must define ways white privilege affects their work and advantages they are willing to give up to lessen disadvantages of POC.


Support 3:

Must use a racialized voice, reflect on white supremacy culture, colorblindness promotes inequity...


Support 4:

Coaching for Equity Rubric: Teachers must become aware of identity markers, internalized oppression, implicit bias, resources should be allocated along race and gender lines, and much more...


Support 5:

Coaching For Equity: Focus on race, privilege/oppression/biases, and race-based affinity groups...


Support 6:

Coaching for Equitable Practices: Quote from Ijeoma Oluo, who perpetuates anti-white bigotry, and advocates for teachers to focus on "Black Liberation" ...


Support 7:

Black Excellence Plans: entire school communities must live these plans to build anti-racist mindsets implicating adults and systems...