Indoctrination in Your State & District

Hopewell Middle School - Microsoft Teams Profile of my 8th Grade Son

Fulton County School District, Georgia

Submitted: 2021-08-15


So, my sons 8th grade Spanish teacher pulled him out of class to let him know the school admin has insisted that he change his Microsoft Teams Profile from Donald Trump's picture to something else. My son came home and I told him to stand his ground. He understood that was his 1st amendment right. He wore Trump socks/shirts to school every week. Why is this any different? Day 2 the teacher called him to the front of the class and repeated the request. She asked him if they needed to do it for him. He was taken aback by being called out in front of the entire class. He came home that evening and I had him email his teacher with 2 points: 1. It was his first amendment right to chose his MS Teams Profile (as long as it wasn't profane or obscene) and 2. President Trump was our 45th president and an historical figure. 5 minutes later the teacher emailed and said we're good. I followed up with the 8th grade principal the next day and she cited that it was the IT department that was complaining. I explained to her that my son sat on a school bus with his Trump socks and sat in a desk at school all year wearing his Trump gear. She admitted she never thought about it like that. Again - we need to ensure our kids know their rights and we need to support them and enable them to fight their fights on their own. This will serve them well after K-12.