Indoctrination in Your State & District

State Sponsored Teacher Professional Development and Training


Submitted: 2021-08-15


Georgia has 16 Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs) funded by the Georgia Dept of Education (through budget passage by GA legislature). The RESAs provide professional development and training to GA's public and charter system educator and administrators. It came to my attention that a CRT-based training was held by the Metro RESA. I researched and investigated and found that indeed, a race-based training was held, and through open records requests learned all the attendees as well as the provider of the training. I continued investigating by reviewing the training catalogs for all 16 RESA's and noted several questionable trainings that were potentially in conflict with the GA State Board of Education's new 6/3/21 Resolution.
After thoroughly investigating, I sent a letter to the GA Dept of Education and GA State Board of Education informing them of my findings along with a demand that the questionable trainings be removed as these agencies were funded by taxpayer money and there could be claims for state-sponsored race discrimination. After several follow-up attempts and finally sending my letter to Governor Kemp's Education Policy Director, Miranda Williams, action was taken. As of 8/15/21, the trainings aligning with CRT have been removed from RESA online training catalogs. A win!!!

Supporting Documents:

Support 1:

Informational and Demand letter to GA State Superintendent and 2 Board Members


Support 2:

Follow up letter to Superintendent and 2 school board members


Support 3:

Letter sent to Governor\'s Education Policy Director


Support 4:

Letter sent to additional State School Board Members