Indoctrination in Your State & District

Segregated employee groups at Wisconsin Technical College System


Submitted: 2021-08-11


The WTCS has decided to divide employees up by race, sex, gender, and more through a program of voluntary segregation. Each of the 16 technical colleges is adopting the same or similar segregated programs.

The info is at WTCS' Commitment to Progress includes the following:
1. Sustained Conversations on Systemic Racism and Policy Reform

WTCS will support facilitated, sustained space for conversation and policy work on the impact and dismantling of systemic racism starting internally at each college and the System Office. While this is work each college must initiate and implement, the System Office will look for ways it can support the colleges with facilitation and other resources. For the System Office, this work will build upon ongoing conversations on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
We stand with black citizens who are hurting badly. We stand with diverse communities who, with loved ones and supporters, raise their voices in justified anguish and anger. We stand with our law enforcement faculty, students and graduates who chose a law enforcement career for the right reasons and risk their safety to protect and serve Wisconsin communities. We stand firmly against racism, discrimination, oppression, and exclusion of all types. And we stand against damage to property, livelihoods and communities by a disconnected few.

Milwaukee Area Technical College has many radical DEI events including inviting Kendi back in March 2021.

WTCS is radicalizing Wisconsin's 16 technical colleges to reflect the divisive radicalization of the university system.