Stories from the Battlefield 
Last week, NLTE's Stories from the Battlefield exposed the racist and sexually explicit content in popular children's books. This week, we're revealing the companies that profit from putting obscene and hateful content in the hands of children. 
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How the Education-Industrial Complex Profits from Forcing Wokeness on Schools
Woke books don't just happen by accident; they are the result of deliberate choices made by adults who profit from pushing this content on kids. Educational wokeness is a billion-dollar industry! 

The world's largest publisher and distributor of children's books is Scholastic. You may remember it from your own school days as a purveyor of entirely wholesome reading materials. No more! It now peddles woke books that are used to indoctrinate, not educate.
With its grasp on the youth publishing industry, Scholastic spreads woke ideology to impressionable minors. Here are but a few examples: George, a book whose ten year old protagonist goes behind the mother's back to learn about transgender hormone treatments and surgeries, This Book is Anti-Racist, which promotes the discriminatory tenets of the so-called "anti-racist" movement, and The Moon Within, which explains what it means to be genderfluid to kids as young as eight. 
A Sinister Partnership

Small kids are big business. Scholastic knows this, and it teamed up with the American Library Association to form an alliance in pursuit of a radical political agenda. While professing to care about children, these organizations disguise their true agenda: To turn kids into radical social activists while disrupting the family. Despite flaunting a wholesome appearance, these entities have become insidiously entrenched in our communities. They spread their largesse among the schools so teachers will do their bidding - sowing poison to our nation's kids. 

Woke children's books are a cash cow. They have been flooding bookstores, online retailers, school libraries, public libraries, and more. Taxpayer dollars are being used to douse children with crude language and overtly graphic descriptions of violence and sexual activity. 
The quintessential assignment for every elementary student is to write an essay on a historical figure. But when they look in their school libraries for reference material, they find books about Ruth Bader Ginsburg but not Clarence Thomas, literature that celebrates Colin Kaepernick but omits Condoleezza Rice and Thomas Sowell. Kids are surrounded by literature that celebrates people who think like AOC but not Candace Owens. The preponderance of books about heroes of the Left, and the absence of books about Americans with a different perspective can profoundly influence impressionable young minds toward one political ideology.

Meanwhile, classic books like those from Dr. Seuss, among others, are now considered offensive and being removed from shelves only to be replaced by books like Star-Crossed, a bisexual remake of "Romeo and Juliet." Authors aren't shy about what they're doing: Authors aren't shy about what they're doing: Author Ibi Zoboi commented in Bustle about the "We Need Diverse Books" initiative, saying, "We need diverse scholars and educators who will subvert the canon, the form, and many of our hierarchical systems of selecting and lauding books."  
NLTE is proud to stand against the Education-Industrial Complex.

No Left Turn in Education is revealing who profits from trafficking in hateful or sexually explicit material aimed at children. We are partnering with Heroes of Liberty to shine a spotlight on the terrible content that has been purposefully kept in the shadows by activist educators.  


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