The Parents of America Have Been Awakened! 

Concerned citizens all around the country are awake, they’re making their voices heard, and they are following the lead of No Left Turn in Education. We recognized the problem and danger of widespread indoctrination in the classroom in the summer of 2020. We were the first to the issue and are the premiere national grassroots group mobilizing concerned citizens to fight for classical education and against radical indoctrination.
This month’s sweeping election results show a national movement just getting started! 

Stories from the Battlefield 

Each week, we will showcase the excellent work of one of our NLTE chapters (you can find your chapter here). This week we have our Kentucky chapter, led by Beanie Geoghegan, who is an educator herself. Here’s what Beanie shared with us.
What brought you into No Left Turn in Education?

My two youngest children were a freshman and senior in high school during the pandemic, and like many their classes were all-virtual. I was able to listen to and watch what was being taught (especially in English class), and it was very concerning. I found NLTE on Facebook and was relieved to know I was not alone in my concerns. I joined in the fall and decided it was time to start a Kentucky Chapter in January of this year.
Beanie’s testimony before the Joint Committee Meeting on Education in Kentucky 
What are your biggest accomplishments as a chapter?

One of our biggest accomplishments as a chapter was having the opportunity to testify before the Joint Committee Meeting on Education in August about the state of education in Kentucky. We have also had several community forums to educate the public on what’s happening in our schools, what parents can do with NLTE, and what parents’ rights are. Our most rewarding accomplishment has been helping a local leader, Pastor Cecil Blye, with the school he started, More Grace Christian Academy, at the request of his congregants. It is an urban school serving K-12 students through a rigorous curriculum and high standards. They are an example of what can be done; when people in the community find out there are real concrete ways to help, they rise to the occasion. 
Beanie, Pastor Blye, and students visit the Kentucky capitol and learn about civic participation
Who are the people that join your state chapter?

The really amazing thing about our members is that they are parents, grandparents, teachers, and just concerned citizens. They are from rural and urban school districts and they all say they just want what is best for students. 

Many of our members joined and continue to stay involved because of the indoctrination they saw firsthand with their children and grandchildren. Parents have shared assignments that required their children to address their “white privilege,” affirm the teacher’s view on the “gender wage gap,” discuss and write about their intersectionality, and delve into topics relating to sex and sexuality that were not age-appropriate or approved by them. Teachers have reached out in response to the trainings they have had to endure. Many such trainings involved them addressing their “inherent racism/bias” and “white privilege.” Taxpayers are getting involved because they don’t want their tax dollar be spent on teaching children that the United States is an evil country. 
NLTE Kentucky Board meeting 
What else should NLTE supporters know?

We are focused on addressing all the radical indoctrination our kids are facing in K-12. We oppose segregating students by immutable characteristics and labeling some as oppressors and privileged, and others as oppressed and victims. We believe in teaching the full story of America’s real history and celebrating the progress that has been made and the opportunities that exist for everyone.

As a former teacher of 20 years, I recognize that literacy is the cornerstone of development and success of every student regardless of their circumstances. That is why the Kentucky chapter also focuses on improving literacy. 
Chapter heads like Beanie are how we keep growing this movement as quickly as we have! We are thankful for her leadership and her commitment to education — not indoctrination.

The NLTE Team
About NLTE: No Left Turn in Education is a 501 c(3) non-profit, parent-led organization that seeks to revive the American K-12 education system based on the fundamental discipline of critical and active thinking based on facts, investigation, logic and sound reasoning. We have active chapters in 27 states, and growing! Get involved at 
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