Dr. Elana Yaron Fishbein Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Fishbein is the Founder and President of the national grassroots movement No Left Turn in Education. She has extensive professional background in the nonprofit field. Throughout her undergraduate and graduate education as well as her professional career, Dr. Fishbein’s focus has been on the disadvantaged children, youth and their families from low-income and distressed communities. These experiences covered a broad spectrum of concerns related to education (formal and informal) and welfare issues, particularly child abuse, neglect and violence in the family. Dr. Fishbein’s early training was in clinical social work, and as she advanced in her career she focused on planning, policy, management and research. Dr. Fishbein was an organizational consultant for many years.

Dr. Fishbein earned her a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In her masters at Rutgers University, she concentrated on designing social change. Her interest in maximizing service effectiveness, efficiency and impact led her to the doctoral program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice. Combined with course work at the Wharton Business School, she specializing in management and program evaluation.

Dr. Fishbein grew up in Israel and served in the Israel Defense Forces. She is a married full-time mother of three boys (20, 10 & 8) and lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

William Conner Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Conner is an established leader with over twenty years of experience managing people and providing superior business supervision through all levels of operations in a number of industries.  William has routinely, throughout his career, been able to enter into an industry, often with very little experience, quickly learn the business, and run an efficient and profitable team.  Mr. Conner has had many accomplishments in the business world leveraging his considerable skills around upper management roles.

Mr. Conner holds a bachelor’s in business management from Colorado State University, Global Campus.  He is the President of the Colorado No Left Turn in Education Chapter, and Mr. Conner and his wife of 22 years, Shannon, are proud parents of three successful, grown-up children, Elizabeth, Aaron and Hawkins, and have one grandchild, Axel.

Yael Levin-Sheldon Technology & Communication Officer

Ms. Yael Levin-Sheldon is an experienced Insurance and InsureTech Professional, with expertise in data-modeling and analysis for underwriting, geo-mapping risk assessment, and credit legislation compliance. Ms. Levin spearheaded the re-open schools ‘movement in Henrico County, Virginia and worked with Virginia state legislators on reopening schools and other education related legislation such as growth assessments vs. SOLs, special education, and school choice. She is the Central Virginia Chapter President.

Ms. Levin earned a B.Sc. in Mathematics with a Minor in Economics. She is your typical busy wife and mother of two active boys.